Platform Updates Student Engagement


As part of our mission here at SchoolWise is to build a unified school, having all of your apps in one place is an integral part of realising this mission. That is why we have ensured we have created a seamless workflow for you with everything you need all in one place.

Getting all the jobs you need done in one place is our mantra and having one-click access to the most important apps you use everyday is now available in SchoolWise. Switching between tabs, logging in over and over or having to remember links and passwords just takes up time. When you need access to your apps you need it now.

We already integrate these apps into your workflow today for planning, messaging, assessment and student engagement, but we also understand that sometimes you just need to jump into that app for some ad-hoc task. That is now just one-click away, making SchoolWise the mission control center for your school.

This will save you so much time and energy and most of all it will get rid of any confusion as we have created this unified space with everything you need all now in one place.

Apps in one place

So if you need to jump over to your MIS/SIS system, check your G Suite inbox, create a new Microsoft Word document or even manage all your OneNote Notebooks, you can do all of this in a click right within SchoolWise.

Focus on what really matters.