Managing your School


The COVID19 pandemic has caused all schools to close but with SchoolWise, teaching and learning can still take place through remote learning within the platform.

With the recent announcement of schools across the country closed, we want to assure you that with SchoolWise, your learners will still continue to be educated and supported. You can still go ahead with your teaching and learning plan, you can still keep in contact with your learners and you can still support your learners in this difficult and uncertain time. SchoolWise is here to help every step of the way.

Survival Kit

A school closure is very daunting for educators and learners but, we have made it as simple and effective as we possibly could as we have created theSurvival Kit for School Closures. This survival kit will guide you through the functions of SchoolWise that will ensure that your learners are still being educated, even when not in the classroom through remote learning.

There are many different functions in SchoolWise that will make going ahead with your teaching and learning a lot easier. These functions include: Group Activity Journal, Messaging, Assignments, Gradebook and Streaming a Live Class. A guide on where to access and how to access these functions is all covered in the Survival Kit for School Closures.

Supporting Schools

If you find yourself struggling with any aspect of SchoolWise, we have a live chat function in our platform, a vast number of support articles that are available to you through our website and directly through the platform. Our articles are a complete ‘how to’ and will talk you through everything step-by-step. Also, there are some webinars for you to watch at any time available on our website too.

To access the support articles and webinars click here.

Direct Support

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 01 9060987 or through our website. We also have a live chat feature built-in the platform itself. We will be here to help with any questions or queries that you haven’t found through our articles or guides. You can also reach us through our support email : .


Now would be a great time to get started or to continue on with your subject planning. You could add in some resources, revise some of your units or you could update any changes to your plans to ensure that you are ready for the next few months ahead.

We also have a whole Subject Planning Starter Kit, to help you with your planning within SchoolWise.

We hope that the above supports will to help you continue on with your teaching and learning plan as usual and ensure your learners are still thriving in their education.