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SCHOOLWISE( and SKILLY ( announce a groundbreaking collaboration to enhance student academic and wellbeing tracking in schools all in one platform

[Dublin, Ireland] – SKILLY, a leading provider of innovative student wellbeing tracking solutions, and SCHOOLWISE, a pioneer in student academic tracking and learner support, are thrilled to announce their strategic collaboration aimed at revolutionising how schools measure, track and support both the academic performance and wellbeing of students.

In an era where supporting student success and wellbeing has taken centre stage in schools worldwide, the partnership between SKILLY and SCHOOLWISE promises to bring about a paradigm shift in how schools approach these critical aspects of education.

SKILLY is known for its cutting-edge digital wellbeing tracking platform to empower educators with insights into student wellbeing development and progress. Through its advanced technology, SKILLY enables educators to create, administer, and analyse assessments that provide a deeper understanding of student wellbeing performance and growth.

SCHOOLWISE boasts a rich history of providing assessment, academic tracking, learner support and curriculum planning solutions to schools. Helping schools get to the heart of their data, SCHOOLWISE equips schools with the tools to track and support students by bringing all this data together in one place. Powerful analysis and actionable insights pinpoint concerns, highlight trends, and through its intelligent workflows, empower schools to take action.

By combining their respective strengths, SKILLY and SCHOOLWISE aim to offer a holistic solution that empowers schools to measure and track not only academic performance but also the overall wellbeing of students. This collaboration will enable educators to gain comprehensive insights into their students’ progress academically and emotionally in one solution, fostering a more supportive, productive and impactful learning environment.

Key benefits of the SKILLY and SCHOOLWISE collaboration include:

  1. A holistic view of each learner: Schools have one place to get a comprehensive Learner Profile that provides for academics, attendance, learning, social and emotional needs, combined with crucial wellbeing indicators.
  2. Data-led decisions: Management, leadership and care teams can harness the powerful analysis to help make informed decisions, highlight concerns and implement the necessary interventions.
  3. Wellbeing monitoring: Schools can proactively identify students who may require additional support in mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  4. Parent and guardian engagement: Facilitates meaningful collaboration between schools and parents, informing them about their child’s progress and wellbeing.
  5. Intelligent workflows: Simplifying and streamlining systems removes the need to switch between applications, collate data and perform manual analysis. The integrated solution reduces workload and gives educators time to focus on what matters.

SKILLY and SCHOOLWISE are committed to positively impacting and enhancing the educational experience for students, educators and school leaders; this collaboration is a testament to that dedication.

“As education continues to evolve, it is essential for schools to have the tools they need to support students not only academically but also in their overall wellbeing,” said Shane Maguire, CEO of SKILLY. “Our collaboration with SCHOOLWISE will empower schools to take a holistic approach to student success, ultimately benefiting both educators and the students they serve.”

“We are excited to join forces with SKILLY to offer both our existing and prospective schools a comprehensive solution that combines academic, support and wellbeing tracking,” said CEO Leslie Turner, SCHOOLWISE. “It is another step for us to empower schools to track and support every learner’s journey through a holistic approach .”

The SKILLY and SCHOOLWISE solution will launch at the NAPD Conference in October 2023, and both companies are actively working with Schools to implement this innovative solution.

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About SKILLY: Learning through self-reflection and practise, which is measured and tracked, is what Skilly is all about and has led to the development of a cloud-based training platform that can suit any learning environment. How learning is delivered and implemented is just as important as the content being taught, which is why Skilly emphasises the need to follow through and practice to embed critical life/soft skills. Skilly provides the tools to accurately assess and track the effectiveness of the learning in real-time, maximising the potential for upskilling in schools, colleges, adult learning centres, and all forms of business.

About SCHOOLWISE: SchoolWise is an education platform to manage teaching and learning. It does this by bringing everything together in one connected platform. SchoolWise is the only solution that combines assessment, academic tracking, learner support and curriculum planning. It helps schools get to the heart of their data so they can understand the true impact of their work. They can track every learner’s journey and help support them every step of the way.