Platform Updates Student Engagement


Where you need to be, what assignments you need to be working on, any events coming up for the week and all the latest updates from your groups all on one page!

We have completely redesigned school central to manage all the important information in a more simplified and streamlined way. There are no cluttered calendars, information overload and the most important information is there at a glance.


The timetable now has its very own place on school central. We have split the timetable away from the school calendar and it now shows you a day by day view rather than the whole week upfront. You and your learners can easily see where you need to be for a given day. We have moved all the filtering options off to an ellipsis (context) menu.


School Calendar

Now that the timetable has its own place on school central, the calendar will contain actual events. These events could be a live class on Teams, exams taking place, a TY trip or even a parent/teaching meeting. Another change to the calendar is that it will no longer show assignments as these too have their own place on central.

We have broken the calendar down to three main sections today, tomorrow and coming up to provide better context around events. This calendar will include all events you have got on for the next 7 days.

School Calendar


Just like the timetable, assignments now has its own place on central too. It now helps provide better structure for you and your learners around what they should be working on next and what is coming up for the week. There is a link to view all their assignments too.

Changes to the user menu

We have remove the user tiles from school central. Access to these areas of the platform are already available on the user menu at the top right hand corner of the screen.

We have also replaced the mylocker icon with an assignments icon. Access to all your assignments is just a click away no matter where you are in SchoolWise. You can click on your profile picture to get access to other functions such as mylocker.


We hope you find that these improvements will help provide better structure and context. Giving aspects of the platform there own space and de-cluttering the options will help keep everyone organised and up to date.