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Technology has been advancing at an incredible rate in recent years. The technologies available today have changed the we live our lives from how we communicate to how we shop.

Today’s students are born digital natives, they do not remember a time before Facebook and the smartphone. The high speed of technological advancements means that students will need to be tech savvy to be employable. It is therefore incredibly important that we educate them in a way that prepares them for the workforce.

Adopting the right technology and incorporating it into the classroom not only provides an enhanced learning experience but can help promote positive and safe digital behaviour among students.

Blended Learning is the use of technology that builds on traditional learning methods and can provide a framework of;

Independence – Teachers can give students access to resources and materials in advance of class encouraging and motivating them to come to class prepared.

Flexibility – Teachers can allocate different time frames to different students based on their ability, so they can learn at their own pace. Students have access to resources any time, any place.

Diversification – Students can access a huge wealth of resources and tools which are not available in the traditional classroom.

Support – Students can interact and engage with their teachers or fellow pupils.

Not only is technology beneficial to the students, it can have a hugely positive impact on reducing teacher’s workload including the following ways;

  1. Subject planning – Technology can simplify and streamline planning across all departments. Plans can be linked to learning outcomes and resources that teachers already use.
  2. Curriculum Delivery – Plans can be delivered to each class group and automatically filtered as each group progresses. Each piece of instruction can be shared and accessible by every student for anytime, anywhere learning.
  3. Assessment & Performance – Integrated dashboards and reports can give real-time insights on student performance, ensuring student gets left behind.
  4. Reporting & Compliance – Quantifiable metrics to benchmark performance and identify critical teaching and learning issues. Schools can make informed decisions to drive student success with intelligent insights.

Choosing the right technologies however is very important to the success of adopting blended learning.