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Create, schedule and share Microsoft Teams and Google Meets right from your class groups in SchoolWise

We have enhanced our integration with Office 365 and G Suite by introducing the ability to create, schedule and automatically share both Microsoft Teams and Google Meets right within your class group.

This is a timely feature that will support a remote learning environment and other restrictions such as class sizes where learners can join a live class from another location.

How do I create a meeting in my class group?

You will see a New Meeting tile in your group. It will display the Teams icon if you are a Microsoft school or the Google Meet icon if you are a G Suite school. Just click on the tile.

New meeting tile in a class group

When you click on the tile you can enter the meeting subject, date and time along with the meeting duration.

When you click the create button, the follwing happens;

  1. The meeting is automatically added to the calendar for everyone in the class group
  2. A journal post is automatically created in the group with a link to the meeting
  3. The journal post is automatically pinned so that it stays on top until you unpin it

Since the post appears in the group journal, your learners will automatically receive this notification in their end of day email too!

This is a quick and easy way to create, schedule and automatically notify your group of a Teams or Google Meet. You can read the support articles here;

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