Platform Updates


Enhanced editing controls are now available when posting to your group or setting an assignment.

Sometimes when you are creating a post for your learners or creating instructions for an assignment, you need to provide better context through the use of different font styles.

We are excited to announce that we have introduced new editing controls in SchoolWise. These familiar features that you would find in most online document editors have rolled out starting with your group journal and with assignments. We will be adding these to other parts of the platform soon.

Where can I expect to see these new controls?

When you are posting to any group activity journal such as a class group for your learners or in a subject department group for your colleagues.

Group Activity Journal

When you begin creating a post the new toolbar will appear right above your post. You can mix and match styles to get creative with your posts.

New toolbar in the group activity journal

Any time you are setting schoolwork or an assignment, you will also see the new toolbar appear to highlight more meaningful instructions for your learners.


Once you click on schoolwork or an assignment the new toolbar is available in the instructions section.

New toolbar in when setting an assignment

You will start to see the editor appear in other parts of the platform such as the curriculum planner, the message center and gradebook shortly.