Academic Tracking Student Engagement


Manual spreadsheets are not scalable and can quickly become difficult to manage...

One of the biggest time sinks for teachers is the monitoring, assessment and performance of their students. Your time is precious and it should be spent doing the things you love not sifting through data or worse paper.  If you are like many teachers and trying to keep all of your assessment data on personal spread sheets you could be wasting hours of your time.

Here are 5 reasons you should make the change from spreadsheets to a real-time assessment and performance system:

  1. Manual input – You are spending your time manually inputting data on a spreadsheet as well as all of the paperwork and filing. If you have more than one class to teach this is a lot of time wasted. Also if you are looking for a particular piece of information, Control-F cannot find it for you.
  2. Each teacher often has their own personal spreadsheets that are not integrated in any way with the rest of the department or school. This makes it next to impossible to interpret any significant data relating to student performance across the school.
  3.  Data entry errors – We are all familiar with the unease that comes with having to change formulas or update interrelated cells. It is very easy to make typo’s on excel but it can be tricky to spot them.
  4. After you spend a lot of time inputting all of your student’s data you still need to generate your own reports which is another time consuming activity.
  5. When you do finally get your data inputted and run your reports, they are not in real time so you are always one step behind the progress of your students.

There is technology that makes continuous assessment easier than ever. Linked to subject planning it provides a fully integrated solution that does all the work for you. No more mark-books or complicated spreadsheets you can receive real-time insights to pinpoint each student’s performance at a glance.