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Creating intervention plans for your learners is now made simple in SchoolWise with built in targets and support templates. ILP's ensure you lay the pathway to help and support your learners through a step-by-step process.

Now that you have identified the learners in your school that need support, the next step is creating an intervention plan so, you can assist your learners in the best possible way and enable them to reach their full potential. Pre-built targets along with a learner support template already in place for you, creating and monitoring Individual Learner Plan’s has never been easier.

Individual Learner Plan (ILP)

There are three sections to Individual Learner Plan’s (ILP’S) in SchoolWise. Each section ensures that you have all the information and resources in place for your learner to succeed such as;

Information Gathered and Identified Concerns which contains a pre-built support checklist. To help and support your learner, you first need to gather as much information as possible and understand the identified concerns. This section allows you to easily capture all the information that you have gathered about your learner. The checklist ensures that all those involved and any information necessary is captured such as a learner’s hearing and vision or if a learner’s parents/guardians were consulted.

Planning and Intervention is the section that contains the support plan which lays the pathway for supporting your learner. This is aided with pre-built targets across a number of domains such as literacy, numeracy and motor and visual skills. You can also create your own targets which are then available for use in other support plans.

The support plan template guides you through the process of building the necessary building blocks to help support your learner. It can also include any resources to help individual teachers in their subject areas. In fact, the intervention plan is automatically shared only with those teachers that teach the learner. This enables them to not only view the plan but, provide feedback in the way of progress notes.

Monitoring and Review is a section where you can capture the progress along the way through progress notes. These notes can be entered through 1:1 sessions, group sessions or by individual teachers in the classroom.

The monitoring and review section can also include any other documents and reports but, we also have a review template build in. This will be completed when a review takes places of the plan and ensures that all information such as comments from the learner, parents along with any recommended future actions are easily captured.

This step-by-step process ensures that all of the information, actions, resources and updates are in one place. This helps a care team to create and monitor proper interventions and support plans that have better outcomes for the learner

All sections within the individual learner plan (ILP) allow you to add relevant documents and resources that may support the learner and the team. Teachers automatically get access to the plan in their Gradebook and can support the process through the addition of progress notes.

Individual Learner Plan’s (ILP’s) enable you to truly implement a successful plan to support each learners journey through your school. All the necessary information, the support plan, with any progress and reviews recorded along the way. This truly helps you create an inclusive school and ensures better outcomes for your learners.