Academic Tracking Managing your School


Individual learners require individual needs. Identifying and managing these needs can be a difficult task. Using the continuum of support can help you in this process.

To help support and nurture the needs of every learner in your school, we have the continuum of support built right into SchoolWise. This model has been set out by The Department Of Education to identify and respond to the needs of your learners’. This framework recognises that learners’ require different levels of support depending on their distinct needs.

Continuum of Support

The continuum of support ensures that you have set out to implement and monitor the required interventions to assist your learners in the best possible way. Ultimately it lays the pathway that helps to guide them through their educational journey through your school.

Support Categories

Learner Support enables you to organise learners across your entire school using the continuum of support framework. You can effectively assign and then filter your learners using the All, Some and a Few categories.

Requires Investigation

We have also introduced another category called Requires Investigation. Learners are automatically assigned this category when you use your CAT4 data with SchoolWise. You can set the Requires Investigation score which SchoolWise will then use to correlate with the CAT4 data.

Effectively, you could import your CAT4 data for incoming learners to your school, have SchoolWise automatically identify those learners who require additional testing or 1:1 interviews and then categorise them in the continuum.

Utilising the continuum of support framework in SchoolWise, you will be best setup to ensure you are on the road to fully supporting the needs of individual learners. This will help you grow and nuture an inclusive school.

Once you have identified those learners’ who Requires Investigation, you can subsequently assign them the All, Some or a Few category. Those learners who are in the Few category may then require an Individual Learner Plan (ILP). This is also built right into SchoolWise with a pre-built bank of targets across a number of domains such as numeracy, literacy, motor and visual skills.